Why are biodegradable plastics better for use in agriculture rather than regular plastics?

Biodegradable plastics are materials that can break down, decompose, and return to the environment as...
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A Primer on Plastic Pollution from Britannica

What is plastic pollution? Britannica (who created the Encyclopedia Britannica – if you are old...
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Applying Raman imaging to capture and identify microplastics and nanoplastics in the garden

We came across a very interesting article that ties into our Sustainaline trim line product...
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Recede Bioplastic products are marketed under our proprietary brand Weed Recede. Our products are all patented or patent-pending. If you would like to learn more about our individual products including product videos, hop over to for more information. 

A patent-pending alternative to traditional trim line which scatters millions of microplastics that end up in our waterways, rivers and oceans. And that’s really bad for fish and aquatic life. Laboratory tested to biodegrade in soil and water. Eliminate plastic waste from trim line with Sustainaline.

Reduce plastic waste and block weeds with Fresh Mulch. Our bioplastic is patented and provides long-lasting weed control as it slowly biodegrades. Our plastic film has micro-perforations which allows water to seep into the roots of your flowers, shrubs and vegetables while blocking weeds.

Looking for a better way to create rock beds and boundaries? EcoBoundary is a patented solution that uses a non-biodegradable plastic that will last for years. It allows moisture to reach the roots of your plants while creating a hard-working weed barrier. Plus it’s super easy to install and comes in two sizes.

Want to know the fastest and easiest way to install weed barrier in your garden and flower beds? Our so easy-to-open soil and marine biodegradable bag is the ticket. Simply open the bag, spread the soil evenly over the bag and plant right through the bag.  

Our Speedy Paver system is easy to install and is the fastest, most environmentally-friendly way to lay a paver base and weed barrier. The bag material is non-biodegradable because, well, your pavers aren’t going anywhere! Our heavy duty weed blocking material eliminates plastic waste and installs in minutes.

Old-fashioned splash blocks will move over time and erosion can damage your beds, flowers and shrubs. Gutter Guppy downspout diffusers don’t move! They stay in place, reduce erosion and protect your beds and property. Plus they blend into your existing beds. Our heavy duty material is non-biodegradable and designed to last.

Weed Recede is actively seeking commercial partners

Our patented products are available for licensing.

Interested? Contact Bob Hawkinson at (904) 699-0046 to discuss how we can work together.