Patented All in One Weed Barrier Rock Bag System from Weed Recede.

EcoBoundary disappearing rock bag system.
The bag that blocks weeds.

Our ground-breaking technology reduces herbicides, helps block weeds and retains moisture.

Think it doesn’t matter?

One billion plastic rock bags would circle the earth over 20 times every year. Together, we can make a real impact and eliminate single use plastic mulch bag waste. 

  • Helps minimize weeds in your landscape. Best weed control with our weed barrier rock bags
  • Helps retain moisture in your landscape beds. A great sustainability solution.
  • Use less material! This bag helps control weeds so you don’t have to apply as much.
  • Simplifies installation. No ripping, shaking, and dumping heavy plastic bags.
  • Consistent depth. No hassle spreading rock piles in your landscape beds.
  • Reduce herbicide use. Weed blocking rock bags = less pulling/spraying weeds.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment. No plastic bags going to the landfill and waterways.
  • Proprietary materials and opening system ensure a bag that is up to the task.
  • New technology. The bag is the weed barrier.

What is it and how does it work? 

EcoBoundary from Weed Recede is a patented rock bag system that uses the proprietary bags to work as a weed block system. It works by applying a layer of material between the soil and the rocks. It helps block sunlight from reaching seeds and helps mechanically suppress weed development.

How do I use it? 

EcoBoundary is fast and simple to install. Simply place the whole bag in the bed with the top side facing up. Remove and tear apart on top, side, and bottom. The bag will lay out flat in the bed. Push the rocks over the entire bag……that’s it!

Disappears in soil

Weed Recede disappears in soil, consumed by hungry microbes.

Disappears in water too!

It’s amazing, even aquatic microbes love Weed Recede. Nom, nom.

Protect wildlife

Plastic waste can be consumed by birds, animals, even our pets. Not good.

Plastic is not fish food

Fish and aquatic life eat the plastic which can cause all kinds of problems for our fishy friends.

(Video) Does EcoBoundary actually work?
The old way of laying rock material is antiquated, difficult and creates mountains of plastic waste that ends up in landfills, roadways and landfills.
Weed Recede is actively seeking commercial partners

Our patented products are available for licensing.

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